Getting Started

How does Cutearn.ca work? Does it cost anything to join?

Cutearn.ca is a URL shortener that rewards the owners of shrinked links by offering a share of advertising revenue.

You can earn money through Cutearn.ca by placing shrinked links on your website, blog, Social Media account, etc. When a visitor clicks on one of your Cutearn.ca links, they will view a full page advertisement for 15 seconds before being able to continue to their intended destination.

You will be paid for every person that clicks on your Cutearn.ca links and continues to the destination link, so to maximize your income you need to give your links maximum exposure. If you already own a website or blog, you can shrink any URLs that are on your website and replace them with Cutearn.ca links. When your website visitors click on any of your links, your Cutearn.ca account balance will be credited.

If you do not have your own website, you can share your links (without spamming) on other traffic sources such as Twitter, Youtube and Forums. Use your imagination and get paid by us for your visitors.

Joining Cutearn.ca is free and does not require you to pay any money. Actually, we will be paying you! Create an account by clicking here to start earning today.

Shrinking a Link

Shrinking a link is easy. Use the box on the top of each Cutearn.ca page to shrink any URLs. In return you will get a Cutearn.ca link that allows you to earn money when you share it with other people (you need to register an account by clicking here to be able to earn).
Sharing Shrinked Links

To start earning money, you need to share your shrinked links. The more people that visit your links, the more you can potentially earn. You can do this by copying your Cutearn.ca links and pasting them on websites, blogs, social media, forums, etc.
Multi Shrink Tool

The Multi Shrink Tool is a handy tool that allows you to shrink up to 30 links at once.
Quick Shrink Tool

The Quick Shrink Tool lets you create a paying link on the go without the need of logging into your Cutearn.ca account.

Website Script

Once placed on your website, the Website Script will transform your website links into Cutearn.ca ones.

This relieves you of the work required to update each link that you wish to monetize. Copy the code and paste it into the body section of your HTML code and you are set.
Requesting Payments

Requesting your payments is fast and easy. Once your Cutearn.ca account balance reaches the minimum of $5.00, you can request your payment and it will be sent to your Paypal account or Litecoin wallet within 4 business days. For Bitcoin and Ethereum, the minimum amount for withdrawal is of $15.00 and for Payoneer, $50.00.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many clicks are counted from every unique visitor?

The links will always work for the visitor, however you will get paid for the first 4-15 clicks from one visitor. The amount depends on the quality of your traffic and on how many adverts are available.

How much do you pay for each country?

The rates per 1000 unique clicks can be found by clicking here. The rates are indicated for unique visitors. The rest of the visits are credited depending on how well the advertisers are willing to pay for that particular country.

Why do payout rates vary from time to time?

The payout rates are updated daily and are set depending on how much our advertisers are willing to pay for your traffic. Rest assured that we do our best to keep pushing to get the best rates possible for you.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit on how much you can earn. Your earnings depend on how many people click on your links.

How does your referral program work? And how much does it pay?

For each person you refer, we pay you 20% of their income. Your referral will still earn the 100% income.



Can I click on my own links?

You may click on your own links once to test them but you are not credited for those views. You cannot click on your own links to generate money.

Can I ask people to click on my links?

No, the visitor must click on your Cutearn.ca link because they wish to go to the destination website. You may not offer any incentives to your visitors to click on your Cutearn.ca links.

Can Cutearn.ca links be opened in a popup or iframe?

No, this is not accepted. Cutearn.ca links cannot be opened in a popup or iframe.The visitor must open your Cutearn.ca links by clicking on them.

How many people can register from one computer/household?

Everyone can register an account, however if you are using the same computer or the same internet connection, you cannot be referred by each other.

Where can I find the rest of the rules?

The rest of the rules may be found in the Terms of Service section or by clicking here.



How will you pay me?

We can pay you via Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Your Cutearn.ca account balance must be at least $5.00 for you to be able to request your payment. For Bitcoin payments, your account balance must be at least $15.00. This is due to the relatively high Bitcoin blockchain fee.

Make sure that your payment details are correct to avoid delays in payment. To be able to receive payments, you need to have a working account with Paypal or. Alternatively, you can use a Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin wallet.

Once you have provided your payment details and have a balance of at least 5$ in your Cutearn.ca account, you may request your payment from the withdraw section or by clicking here.

How long does it usually take for my payment to reach me?

Once you have requested your payment from the Withdraw Section, your traffic will be validated and your payment will be sent to your Paypal account, or Crypto wallet. This process may take up to 4 business days (although normally it takes 1-2 business days). For Bitcoin payments, the process is a little more complicated and may take up to 5 business days.

Do you pay to my country?

We pay our users in every country in the world. The reason why we have more than one payment option available is that if your country is blocked in Paypal, we can pay you using Bitcoin, Ethereum.